Cookie and Privacy Policy

When you use our Website or Services, you can rest assured that your information is processed safely and in accordance with the at all time applicate legislation on personal data (GDPR). We are aware of how big a responsibility it is to handle your data, and we therefore always make sure that our focus when processing data is you and your rights.

In the following Cookie and Privacy Policy, you can read about how we process your information. You can read more about what information we collect and why we collect it. You will also be able to read more about your rights and how you can manage and/or have deleted information we have regarding you.

1.What is a cookie?

A cookie is a passive text file that contains data about your visit to our website. A cookie is stored on your computer or other device that you use to visit our website.

A cookie will rarely contain direct information about who you are and will instead recognize your ID browser. Our information is therefore not based on your name or other personal data like that, but instead on information obtained from your IP address about e.g. your browser type, device type, location, operating system or screen resolution.

2. Which cookies do you use and why?

The necessary cookies are the ones that make our website work and usable. The necessary cookies activate features such as page navigation. The website cannot function properly without these cookies. When using our website, you can therefore not deselect necessary cookies.

By using preference cookies, the website remembers e.g. your preferred language, and ensures that you on your next visit to the website get the same set-up as the last time. If you visit the website several times, these cookies may change your set-up if they detect a change in your preferences.

By using statistics cookies, we can more easily understand how your visit to the website has been. Through anonymized data, we can analyze what works and what does not work on the website, including which pages are very popular or which functions may not work properly.

Marketing cookies track visitors across websites. This allows us and third parties on our and third party pages to show relevant ads and marketing to you, which creates a better value for both the users, us and our third parties.

Third party cookies
We have chosen to allow selected third parties to place cookies on our website. Certain third parties will therefore obtain information about you for their own use or to pass on to their own third parties.

These cookies are e.g. marketing cookies that a company can use to make targeted marketing or cookies for traffic measurement and improvement on the website, made by an external company.

3. How do I avoid cookies?

If you do not want the use of cookies, it is possible to delete or block them. You can find instructions for deleting cookies here, depending on which browser you use:

NOTE! If you delete or block cookies, the website will not be adapted to your wishes and preferences, which is the reason why the ads shown to you will probably be less relevant. In addition, there may be certain parts of the website that will fail to work as intended.

Cookies generally improve usability and secures the best experience for you when you visit our website. Without cookies on websites in general, you would have to do without many features and fixed settings of user preferences, such as language preferences.

You can also change or withdraw your consent from the Cookie Declaration on our website at any time.

Personal Data

At SalesStyling we take the processing of your personal information seriously, and we always ensure proper and transparent data processing. This Privacy and Personal Data Policy describes how your personal information is processed when you use our website, as well as our products and services. is data controller and ensures that your personal information is processed in accordance with applicable data legislation.

1.Why are you collecting and processing data about me?

First and foremost, we process personal data about you to the extent necessary for our work. It is fx necessary to obtain some data about you if you wish to become a customer at SalesStyling, so you can use our services in the best possible and most efficient way.

When we process your personal information, you have the opportunity to contact us at any time to hear more about the possibility of withdrawing your consent in full or partially.

We only collect and process personal data if we have the right to do so. Our right to collect data may be based on various grounds, e.g. in law or in a consent that you have provided us.

2. What kind of data do you collect about me?

General personal data covered by Article 6 of the General Data Protection Regulation are processed.

3. Complaints

If you are dissatisfied with our processing of your information, you have the opportunity to complain to the Danish Data Protection Agency – Datatilsynet.

Address: Borgergade 28, 5, 1300 Copenhagen K Telephone: 33 19 32 00 E-mail: [email protected] Website:

4. Third parties

We use both third parties and subcontractors, who in certain cases process and store personal data securely for us.


1.Our contact information:

SalesStyling ApS
Egebjergvej 1
4800 Nykøbing F
CVR no. 39370034
Mail: [email protected]
Phone number: +4522516763

2. What rights do I have?

As we collect personal data about you, you have some rights in accordance with Danish Law that we would like to make you aware of.

You have the right to:

  • receive information about a processing of your personal data (duty to provide information)
  • gaining insight into your personal data (right of access)
  • have incorrect personal data corrected (the right to rectification)
  • have your personal data deleted (the right to be forgotten)
  • object to the use of personal data for direct marketing
  • move your personal data (data portability) If you wish to invoke one or more of these rights, simply contact e-mail: [email protected] with your request.

3. How long do you keep my data?

We only collect, process, store and pass on the data to which we are entitled to as a result of the Danish and EU legal rules on personal data. Furthermore, we only collect, process, store and pass on data that is necessary to carry out our work. In short, we only process personal data as long as we have 1) legal authority (eg consent or legal authority) and 2) a legitimate purpose. If data are no longer needed or there is no longer a legal basis for processing, they are destroyed.